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The following questionnaire should take you about 20-30 minutes to complete.  Think about your behavior during the last six months.  Then, use the scale below each question to indicate how characteristic each behavior is of you.  Note:  the scales differ below questions.


Some of the words in these statements are highlighted in red.  If you place your cursor over these words and leave it there, one or more definitions of the word or synonyms will appear to help you understand the statement more clearly.  Since the different faith traditions use different words it is very important that you look at the alternate words or meanings and use the one which is comfortable for you.



Practice this now.  Put your cursor HERE and see what pops up.  If you pause and nothing pops up please STOP and go to the Deep Change website at https://www.deepchange.com/glossary.pdf  under Articles and download the glossary in Word or PDF format.  Some older browser versions may not have the pop up function.  You can come back and take this assessment when you have the glossary.



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