Welcome to the NABCEP Company Accreditation Survey

The proposed NABCEP Company Accreditation program will provide a way for renewable energy installation companies to distinguish themselves by adhering to a set of industry recognized best practices regarding quality assurance, safety, continuity and corporate citizenship. The accreditation program is aimed at Residential and Light Commercial Solar Installers, and will consist of a set of required and elective standards. Once this program is launched, NABCEP intends to develop a similar accreditation program for commercial installers and other types of renewable energy companies.

In this survey, you will be rating the proposed standards, as well as answering questions regarding the value of accreditation and about your company. 

Here are some tips on navigating the survey:

  • When you complete a survey screen, click "Next" to save your answers.  After you click "Next," you cannot return to the screen. 

  • You must complete the survey in one sitting.

  • The survey is designed for full-screen viewing at a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768. Click here for your screen resolution. If it is not set at 1024 x 768, adjust it as follows: RIGHT-click on your desktop, select PROPERTIES, select SETTINGS, and move the slide bar to 1024 x 768.