For your convenience, the complete feature list is divided into the following categories:

User Interface
> Survey Customization
> Questionnaire Features
> Reports
> Advanced Survey Design Features
Interactive questions 
> Security
> Survey Administration Functions
Popup Intercept - Web Site Survey Invitations

User Interface
  • Completely new interface with easier-to-use screens and functions.
  • Insert, delete, reorder and rename questions.
  • Full WYSIWIG question editor with spell checker.
  • Filter wizards throughout program to create advanced survey logic and skip patterns (you do not need to learn programming language).
  • Customized survey design screens for over 20 different questions types.
  • Pull down question data throughout program.
  • Automated image upload.
  • Drag formatting for columns/rows in grid questions.
  • Help functions with index and search capabilities.
  • Copy questions from a personalized library, other projects, or within the same project.
  • Add ascending or descending response codes automatically.
  • Insert special characters automatically.
  • Design dynamic interactive questions such as pickclick, drag and drop, and image testing using the Drag and Drop interface.
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Survey Customization

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Questionnaire Features
  • Randomize response choices for each respondent.
  • Randomize order of questions for each respondent.
  • Standard and drill down (3-dimensional) question grids.
  • Filter or skip individual questions.
  • Filter or skip entire survey sections.
  • Allows for multiple filter or skip logic for each question.
  • Option to require a response.
  • Data validation of numeric, ranking, and percentage questions.
  • Data validation between questions.
  • Special formats for ranking type questions.
  • Ability to display a running total of the column sum.
  • Special formats percentage and chip allocations type questions.
  • Option for multiple "other" text boxes.
  • Anchor certain responses to the bottom of a response list.
  • Add heading label in the middle of long response list.
  • Add custom Java scripts to survey.
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  • Tabular topline reports.
  • Instant crosstabs by question.
  • Full-function custom crosstabs.
  • Ability to recode responses.
  • Online data editing.
  • Open-end and text-based data reporting tools.
  • Print and preview entire survey with or without skip detail.
  • Quota reports.
  • Significance testing: S-tests, T-tests, Chi-Square.
  • Selections for decimal precision and confidence levels.
  • Advanced statistical analytical tools for conjoint and choice-based modeling.
  • Allow reporting on terminate questions.
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Interactive Questions  

SurveyWriter provides a wide variety of interactive question options such ClickPick questions, Drag and Drop questions, Sliderbar Rating questions, Image Testing, Image Ranking, Text Highlighting, and many other dynamic, visual questions. 

  • ClickPick Singlechoice Questions
  • ClickPick Multiple Selecton Questions
  • Drag and Drop Numeric Text Boxes
  • Drag and Drop Row Questions
  • Drag and Drop Column Questions
  • Drag and Drop Ranking Questions
  • Text Highlighter
  • Image Analyzer

All questions can be created in SurveyWriter using the Drag and Drop user interface. No scripting or Flash programming is necessary.

All survey logic, piping, and randomization features available in the application can be applied to the interactive questions. 

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  • Admin password available to manage account.
  • Set cookie-based security.
  • Use password-based security.
  • Quota and Terminate controls.
  • Allow reset button.
  • Allow re-use of passwords.
  • Set target complete date or target number of completes.
  • Allow back button.
  • Allow re-use of passwords on terminate.
  • Use auto password entry.
  • Allow respondents to re-enter unfinished survey.
  • Expire Survey URL per individual respondent
  • Identify survey speeders who move through the survey too fast or survey flatliners who answer the same way for each question. These respondents can be terminated based on this information to preserve the integrity of your data.
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Survey Administration Functions

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Popup Intercept - Web Site Survey Invitations

The Popup Intercept is a combination server / client side module that can track visitors as they move through specific web site pages. A popup survey invitation can then be served to the visitor based upon triggers such as frequency of intercept or activated by the visitor's movements through the web site. The Popup Intercept triggers a new browser window containing either an intermediate survey invitation or the first page of the survey itself. The Popup Intercept uses SurveyWriter's exclusive layering technology to avoid popup blockers and ensures the survey invitation is available to all visitors to your web site.

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