SurveyWriter provides a full suite of high-level, online market research tools and services:

Survey Hosting and Data Collection
SurveyWriter supports the entire survey research cycle from survey development and data collection to analysis and reporting. All surveys are hosted from our secure web site. Although your survey always originates on the servers, it is possible to route respondents through your web site and make it appear as if the survey is being hosted from your web site. All data is stored in SurveyWriter's secure managed-server facility and is available at any time for download in either DAT, CSV or Fixed Width ASCII format.

Survey Sample
SurveyWriter has developed strategic alliances with several major panel providers to provide the highest quality sample seamlessly. The panels include consumer panels and specialty panels such as Information Technology (IT), healthcare and other B-to-B sample. Because of the volume of sample that we purchase for our clients we can provide you with extremely competitive pricing, while also managing the entire process from start to finish.

Web Site Intercepts
One of the easiest ways to actively engage visitors to your web site is through the use of website intercepts. SurveyWriter provides many different ways to interact with your customers including layered pop-overs, pop-unders, hover ads, customized embedded content, and random A/B testing.

Advanced Statistical Modeling (Conjoint, Choice base)
Advanced statistical models can be applied to a survey project using the tools available in SurveyWriter. 

Streaming Video
Using our advanced compression technology, we can embed the highest quality video and audio seamlessly into your surveys. This online survey tool allows you to test video and audio advertising, animatics, infomercial concepts, movie trailers or any product or service with a video or audio component, easily and cost effectively. 

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If you don't want to program your own web surveys or you simply need someone to handle any special or overflow projects, SurveyWriter offers custom programming services.

Email List Management
SurveyWriterís email management system allows reminders to be sent to those that have not responded to the first email invitation and shows a window with info on who has completed/terminated/incompleted/not responded to that survey. The invitation is nonbranded and completely customizable. Variables can be pulled into the invite to further enhance the customization.

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