Our StreamingSurvey video service allows you to insert video and audio media into your surveys easily and cost effectively. We take advantage of the latest Flash and Java-based playerless technologies to ensure that almost every respondent is able to hear and see the media. Dropout rates are almost nonexistent, and firewall and proxie issues are eliminated as well. 

The auto-bandwidth detection system for assessing the users connection speed and the almost instantaneous playback method makes the experience seamless and pain free. Additionally, your media is encrypted, and therefore secure, protecting your investment. With our server network monitored 24/7 by experienced technicians, you are assured that your video surveys are always accessible. 

Our encoders can take your media in any format you have and turn it into the highest quality streaming media. You can insert the video into a project by selecting it from a dropdown list in your survey. It's that easy.

If you need to test: 

  • Video or audio advertising 
  • Animatics 
  • Infomercial concepts 
  • Movie trailers 
  • Any product or service with a video component 

Then StreamingSurvey is the tool to use. 


You can now add up to three video or audio clips (up to one minute each in length) into a survey for a one-time compression charge of $200 and an extra .25 per complete above the standard $1.25 per complete. For more than three pieces of media, please contact us for pricing.

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