Real-time Qualitative

Real-time Qualitative Feedback

Incorporating real-time, in-depth qualitative feedback into your SurveyWriter Survey has never been easier than it is today. 

SurveyWriter and iModerate Research Technologies have developed a seamless integration allowing you to add iModerate's live, one-on-one, professionally moderated sessions into your SurveyWriter survey, quickly and easily. Utilized in conjunction with the premier do-it-yourself survey application in the marketplace, these qualitative sessions offer you the distinct opportunity to employ a hybrid solution that adds a story to your statistics. Below are just a few of the benefits of adding these sessions to your SurveyWriter survey.

  • Streamlines the research process by offering both qualitative and quantitative data using just one platform
  • Uncovers the "why" behind the data, with deeper insights into what consumers really mean
  • Garners focus group quality insights at a fraction of the cost
  • Allows you to probe deeper on key issues to ensure you are getting the complete story
  • Completes the story using the consumer's own language and words
  • Provides interpersonal contact to make your survey more engaging
  • Enriches the quantitative findings in a way that helps to more fully achieve your research objectives

There is no extensive programming necessary, no mastery of multiple applications is required and no additional time commitment needed. Adding an extra layer of insight to your online surveys is as simple as picking up the phone and pressing a few buttons.

To add candid consumer feedback to your survey results today, please contact:

Jennifer Drolet, iModerate Research Technologies
303-333-7880 ext. 207

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