SurveyWriter does not charge for having an account or for training or support. Here are the ways to incur charges using the application. Of course, you only pay for the services that you use.

Survey Hosting

SurveyWriter charges $1.25 per complete survey, minimum 200 completes per project. Volume discounts are available for large projects and annual volume commitments,   SurveyWriter can also provide your company with a turnkey solution or lease it to you on a yearly basis. Contact SurveyWriter today for specific information on these pricing options. 

Advanced Reports (advanced statistics, multiple variable crosstabs)

Advanced reporting costs a $300.00USD flat fee per project or $5000 for the whole year. You can turn on this feature as needed. The standard reporting package that includes a Topline, Open-End and simple Crosstab program is included in the $1.25 charge discussed above.

List Management

SurveyWriter charges $0.05 - $0.25USD per email invitation. Contact SurveyWriter for a quote.

StreamingSurvey Video Management

SurveyWriter charges a one-time compression charge of $200 and an extra .25 per complete above the standard $1.25 per complete for up to three video or audio clips (up to one minute each in length). For more than three pieces of media, please contact SurveyWriter for pricing.

Custom Programming

urveyWriter charges $140.00USD per hour for custom programming and consulting services.

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