Select Quota Group with Lowest Current Count 

Occasionally, you may have a series of questions that are used to calculate your quotas in which a respondent may qualify for more than quota group. In this case, you want to assign the respondent to only one quota group, and you want that quota group to be the one with the lowest current count.

A new variable is available in SurveyWriter that you can use to do so. The format is as follows:


for example: |QUOTA(F1)|

where |QUOTA| introduces the quota ID from which to take the current count and (F1) is the ID of the quota.

To use this function, you need to insert it at the end of an INF filter as the variable that is used to determine priority. The inline filters are used to set up priorities within the sort question. In the example below, we do three things:

  1. Determine the segment into which the respondent falls.
  2. Check whether that quota group is still open.
  3. Set the priority if more than quota group is available. Notice that we are taking the current count for all the quotas that relate to this question. Also, the rank of this sort question is Bottom 1. In case of a tie, SurveyWriter randomly takes one of the lowest quotas available and assigns that as the quota to fill. 

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