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SurveyWriter allows to you to combine the power of Equation Multiple Value formula question with the Sort formula question all in one question. One valuable use of this new feature is to be able to evaluate whether a series of filter statements are true based on the answer given to a parent question, display a random number of those items selected by the filters, and set priorities so that if certain items evaluate to true they are always selected. These results can then be piped into a follow-up question. In the following example, we ask a usage question about 10 products. We want to pipe a random 5 of these products into a follow-up question but always include product A and B if the respondent has selected them in the parent question. 

Create a Multiple Selection Checkbox Question
  1. Create a Multiple Selection Checkbox question.

This example displays 10 products and asks the respondent whether they have used the product.

Create Equation Multiple Value/Sort Question

Next, we need to use a formula question to determine whether any of these products were selected in the parent question. We want to pull in a random 5 products into a follow up question if Product A and B are unavailable but always include Product A and B if they have been selected. 

  1. Begin by creating an Equation Multiple Value function question that looks at each option in the parent question to see whether the respondent selected it.

  1. Change the function type to a Sort question.

  1. Select Top 5 from the Rank field.
  2. Insert :INF:2 next to the first two filters to set the priority for Product A and B.
  3. Insert :INF:1 next to the remaining filters.

Because we've assigned an :INF:2 to Products A and B, they have a higher priority than those assigned to :INF:1. If they are available based on the filter, SurveyWriter selects them as the answer to this function question. For all those selected that have an :INF:1 assigned, up to 3 will be randomly selected because they have equal priority values or 5 if Product A and B are not available.

  1. Finally, pipe the results of the formula question into a follow-up question.

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