Use HTEXT Variable to Create Large Project Headers and Footers 

The Project Header (1500-character limit) and Project Footer (1000-character limit) only allow for limited text. To get around this limitation, use the following steps.
  1. Insert a comment question at the beginning of your survey. 
  2. Create the text that you want use as the Project Footer in the header of this hidden question. The header of a question doesn't have a character limit.
  3. Indicate in modify options that this is a hidden question.
  4. Insert the following variable in the footer area:



HTEXT is the name of the variable used to take header information from the question referenced
is the ID of the question in which you created the larger footer.

|HTEXT(Qfooter)| for example

The HTEXT command inserts the text from the header of the question referenced similar to other Variable Insert commands.

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